Titreyengöl is approximately 10 km from the district center in the Sorgun Neighborhood in the Manavgat district of Antalya.
The lake is one of the most important touristic areas of Manavgat with the peaceful and serene nature, where forest, lake and sea merge in a unique harmony, spread over  ​​approximately 3000 m2. In addition to the natural riches, Titreyengöl offers visitors attractive holiday options with luxurious accommodation facilities and entertaining activities.
The water is a branch of the Manavgat River. It spreads over a wide area before pouring into the sea and taking a lake's appearance. Because they vibrate even in the slightest breeze, the region is called Titreyengöl. Another story about how the region got this name is a fisherman who lived near the lake and fed the birds and ducks there. According to the rumor, the fisherman, who saw a group of people who came to the lake one day hunting the creatures living here, tried to prevent the hunters. On the other hand, hunters started to collect the ducks they had hunted until then by pushing the fisherman. When they saw what happened, the ducks escaping from the hunters united and took off and kidnapped the hunters. After that incident, the lake started to tremble in this way, and this was interpreted as the ducks crying for the fisherman who had constantly fed them until that day.
In the region, which is a lively tourism center, some hotels stand out with their comfortable and professional service quality both on the shores of the lake and by the sea. Those who wish can spend pleasant hours like Titreyengöl, which offers unique views, enjoy the sea, sand and sun. Those who dream of a more active holiday can explore the historical and natural beauties of Manavgat and Side, which are very close to the region.