Antalya is the apple of tourism with its unique geography, suitable climatic conditions, comfortable accommodation options and well-equipped facilities. Antalya has an ideal environment for many sports activities throughout all four seasons.

Antalya has many options, from swimming to skiing, tennis to football, golf to diving. Antalya hosts the world's leading sports organizations for visitors.


Athletics includes running, walking, throwing and jumping branches. It is known as the oldest sport in the world. Athletics has attracted great attention worldwide for centuries. It is one of the most popular sports branches in Turkey.

As a city that spreads sports over twelve months, Antalya, the tourism capital, hosts well-attended national and international organizations such as Runatolia International Antalya Marathon, Alanya Ultra Trail, Tahtalı Run to Sky, where tens of thousands compete every year.

Professional and amateur athletes put all their strength and abilities to the test their limits in races. They are struggling to come first by pushing their performances. The races are quite competitive and are the scene of moments full of adrenaline and excitement. Apart from the residents of Antalya, local and foreign tourists also follow these adventurous activities with interest.

Adding movement and vitality to the regions where they are held, athletics competitions promote Antalya's numerous natural and geographical beauties abroad, increasing its awareness worldwide.


Cycling has been the favorite of many people for more than a century. It is a means of transportation that is a part of daily life, especially in European Countries, and a widely practiced sport. This sport is suitable for all ages, both for hobby and entertainment purposes and professionally. It has been very popular in our country in recent years.

Cycling has many positive effects on physical and mental health. The athletes discover different tracks along their routes and have new experiences.

In many parts of the world, races are organized for amateur and professional cyclists in categories such as road bike, track bike, cross country bike and mountain bike.

With its natural beauties and convenient tracks, Antalya is extremely advantageous for cycling. The city hosts many bicycle races, especially the Tour of Antalya powered by AKRA, the 2.1 bicycle road race included in the calendar of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

Athletes striving to show their best performances during the races experience a challenging and enjoyable event that includes all the beauties, historical, cultural and natural riches of Antalya.
Thanks to the races that host thousands of local and foreign cyclists every year, Antalya proves that it has great power in terms of sports tourism and has become a brand that is well known by the cycling community in the international arena.


Antalya is one of the first tourist destinations that come to sea, sun and sand. Antalya has made fame in recent years with sports tourism and mass tourism. It has proven its power to the whole world.

Since the average temperature of 18 degrees throughout the year, the number of sunny days on an average of 300 days a year, and its natural riches, Antalya is the favourite of vacationers and sportsmen.

In addition to its geographical characteristics and climate, Antalya has a say in sports tourism as a city with all kinds of opportunities in terms of comfort and convenience of athletes with its high-standard equipped training fields and qualified accommodation facilities.

In Turkey and the world, Antalya, Belek and Kundu are among the cities preferred by football clubs for camping and districts such as Göynük, Tekirova, Side Manavgat, Alanya, facilities and training fields by International Football Federations (FIFA) standards. As a city with well-equipped camp centers, it hosts many football teams.

During the half-time season, many football clubs in the upper and lower leagues from Turkey and abroad come to Antalya, where the infrastructure and facilities are at a high level and convenient in terms of transportation and accommodation for camp, training and tournament organizations. The teams that camp in the city between January and April, besides the accommodation, also rent the football fields in the surrounding area, bringing dynamism to the economy.

Football tourism is an important source of income that ensures Antalya maintains vitality in the winter season and increases its recognition of Antalya in the international football arena. Antalya is preferred worldwide in football tourism activities, continues to increase its quality of service, and is a city that marks sports tourism with investments.

Golf Tourism

Deep-rooted historical past, unique cultural texture and geography full of unique riches make Antalya a favorite holiday destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Antalya also draws attention to sports tourism success. Golf is one of the branches that contribute to the success of Antalya.
In addition to the advantages brought by suitable climatic conditions and natural beauties, Antalya is among the preferences of many golf enthusiasts from Turkey and abroad. Its well-equipped, quality facilities have started to serve one after the other after the investments made for the development of golf and its courses that meet world standards. It hosts thousands of amateur and professional golf players.
Antalya is where many international golf tournaments such as Golf Mad Pro-Am Golf Tournament, Star International Cup Golf Tournament, World Corporate Golf Challenge, Turkish Airlines Ladies Open Golf Tournament, and Turkish Airlines World Golf Final have been held. The city is the heart of golf.
Belek is a district of Serik and was awarded the "Best Golf Region of the Year in Europe" by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) in 2008. It has the distinction of being the most popular golf tourism region in our country. The golf courses in harmony with nature, together with the luxurious and exclusive accommodation facilities in the town, offer golf lovers a combination of vacation, pleasure, entertainment and sports.
Belek is where more than fifty national and international golf tournaments are organized with the most successful golf players throughout the year. Belek contributes to Turkey's promotion by drawing the world's attention to Antalya through the tournaments broadcast live in many countries.
Investments in golf continue to increase every year due to its support for tourism for twelve months, high income, and positive contribution to Turkey's image in the outside world. New golf courses are determined in Antalya, and studies are carried out to bring them into tourism.


Wrestling is considered an ancient sport in Antalya. Blending with the nomadic culture and devoted to oil wrestling, Antalya takes notice as a city with thousands of licensed wrestling athletes and many chief wrestlers.

Antalya has 19 districts in total. It is a touristic city that organizes the most oil wrestling organizations and marks oil wrestling in Turkey. Concerts, dance performances, interviews and wrestling festivities are the meeting and socializing points of the locals. It also contributes to Antalya's tourism diversity by hosting millions of local and foreign tourists who want to witness this enthusiasm.

Events have been held for years in Antalya, such as the 'Turk's First Private Square' Elmalı Yeşilyayla Oil Wrestling, Konyaaltı Feslikan Oil Wrestling, Kumluca Oil Wrestling, Traditional Gökbel Oil Wrestling, Manavgat Municipality Oil Wrestling Wrestling. People have eagerly awaited wrestling lovers every year, and it is followed with great interest.

Antalya is where families encourage and support their young children to wrestle. It has trained countless wrestlers and chief wrestlers. It has its name written in gold letters in the history of wrestling, thanks to its athletes who collected medals in the competitions they participated in and were awarded gold belts. The wrestlers are the pride of Antalya with their achievements are greeted with displays of affection by giving the city the atmosphere of a feast.

Thanks to the support given by the municipalities throughout the province, many wrestling athletes are trained. And this ancestor sport was introduced and adopted by broader masses. At the same time, it is ensured that a deep-rooted tradition and culture is kept alive and transferred to future generations by preserving it.

Rafting- Canoeing

Rafting is an extreme sport that is done with boats called rafts in high-flowing rivers. It is a challenging and fun struggle not to overturn in fast-flowing waters. In this exciting sport, the rivers are divided into six groups according to their degree of difficulty. The 6th degree represents the most challenging tracks, and the 1st degree describes the easiest tracks.

Antalya is a magnificent holiday paradise with natural and historical beauties. It has a wide range of opportunities in terms of nature sports due to favourable climate and geographical conditions. The city is full of many advantages in terms of natural riches. It is famous for its abundant and abundant streams fed by water resources. Antalya allows various water sports in both high and fast-flowing rivers and streams. Antalya hosts thousands of rafting and canoeing enthusiasts every year.

Antalya is where people who want to experience adrenaline and adventure-filled moments flock. The most suitable periods for rafting are between April and November, when the river waters rise, especially due to the melting of snow in the mountains.

In Antalya, Köprüçay is where you can see all the beauties of Köprülü Canyon National Park. It is a natural wonder with rich flora and fauna, Manavgat River is fed by underground waters, Alara Brook is where you will encounter many historical artifacts and Dim Brook that will fascinate you with the natural beauties of the valley. They are perfect rafting addresses.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a sport of climbing naturally formed rocks or artificial walls. It is one of the most favorite sports branches of recent years. Rock climbing was considered a mountaineering activity in the early days. It is now a sport. In this sport, people test their strength by pushing their limits, which requires strength, courage, patience, endurance, attention and concentration.

Climbing lovers who practice this sport are becoming increasingly attractive in Turkey. They can experience different types of climbing in the climbing gardens, increasing every year. Those who prefer the open air can experience hours of adventure and excitement in the climbing areas that include natural rock blocks.

Antalya is one of the cities that offer the most attractive opportunities for this adrenaline-filled event. Antalya gives athletes many emotions at the same time. Every year, rock-climbing enthusiasts worldwide visit the city, where they can get away from the ordinary and have extraordinary experiences and unforgettable moments.

Geyikbayırı is a district of Konyaaltı. It is Turkey's largest rock climbing region with its 1300 climbing routes. Antalya is among the most important climbing centers in Europe and the world. Geyikbayırı is a world-class climbing paradise. Rock climbers of all levels experience trails with different slopes and difficulties and achieve victory after hours of struggle, patience and challenges. Athletes experience a unique climbing adventure in a unique nature where they can see every shade of green.

In addition to Geyikbayırı, Olympos on the Lycian Walking Path of Kumluca district has very attractive options for rock climbers, with nearly 400 climbing routes from the beginner level to the most challenging level. Athletes can feel freedom and eternity by leaving themselves in the lap of nature amid the magnificent landscapes of Olympos, where green and blue embrace.


Antalya has attractive activity options for its visitors in the winter season. In addition to sea, sand and sun tourism, Antalya is one of the rare residential areas where you can enjoy the sea and skiing in the same city because of the unique climatic conditions.
When it comes to winter tourism and skiing in Antalya, the most famous region is 45 km from Antalya. Saklıkent takes attention with its mild climate and is one of the closest ski resorts to Ecuador.
The average snow thickness is 100 – 200 cm. The highest point of Saklıkent Ski Center is the summit of the 2550-meter Bubi Mountain. The thickness at the summit reaches 4 meters from time to time. Ski areas are at altitudes of 2000-2400 meters. The ski center offers quality skiing for approximately 120 days between 10 December and 10 April. For about two months, a sunny and sparkling sky awaits its visitors during the season.
In Saklıkent Ski Center, there are four ski slopes; red, black, blue and yellow, serving professional, intermediate and amateur skiers for those who want to ski. The red track consists of challenging bends and steep slopes. The black track in the upper part is connected with the red track. It is built on a steep slope and has no bends. Intermediate skiers prefer the gently sloping blue track. The yellow track is used for training purposes. In addition, there is a sled track for those who want to sled, apart from skiing.
There are approximately 500 chalets in Saklıkent. It fascinates those who want to get away from the stress of the city with its unique atmosphere. Apart from this, there are also hostels and hotels. Saklikent has an exclusive ski holiday experience for visitors with comfortable accommodation options. Saklıkent Ski Center strengthens the potential of Antalya in winter tourism.


Antalya is in a unique geography where natural, historical and cultural beauties blend in harmony. It has very attractive opportunities for those interested in motorsports.

Antalya is where the World Rally Championship was held in the past years. It draws attention to motorsports organizations. The drag track hosts the Mediterranean OffRoad Cup Races, Turkey Motor Drag Championship and Auto Drag races. In the races where athletes from all over Turkey participate, the speed enthusiasts that fill the stands experience breathtaking moments of excitement. Adding value to Antalya, the races draw attention to the region's great potential in motorsports.

On the other hand, the Kemer district stands out with Enduro. It is one of the favorite trends of recent years. The district hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists who host the Sea to Sky Enduro Motorcycle Races every year. Sea to Sky Enduro Motorcycle Races takes place over four days in 4 different stages, namely 'Beach Race', 'Sky Race', 'Forest Race' and 'Mountain Race' stages.

Competing fiercely to reach the top and achieve victory on challenging tracks, the athletes closely witness all the beauties of Kemer as they pass through the tracks full of magnificent landscapes consisting of pebbly beaches, rocky areas, ramps, mountain roads, plateaus and canyons. In addition, enthusiasts of this sport from many parts of the world come to the district to get enduro motorcycle training. Motorsports contribute to Antalya's alternative tourism diversity by promoting Kemer to wider audiences.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball was first played in Hawaii in the early 1900s and is enjoyed in many parts today. It is played on natural or artificial sand fields, barefoot, between teams of 2 people.

Antalya is the famous 'Turkish Riviera' with its approximately 640 km coastline. It has very attractive options with its endless beaches for this enjoyable sport that allows you to carry indoor sports to the open air and the seaside.

In previous years, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) beach volleyball world tour was part of the FIVB World Tour Antalya Open, FIVB World Tour Manavgat Open, European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Beach Volleyball Summer Festival, Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) Pro BeachTour, etc. Antalya hosts the beach volleyball event. Antalya is one of the leading cities in Turkey for beach volleyball.

Antalya is where athletes and audiences from different corners of the world meet on its shores. The most famous for beach volleyball are Alanya, Manavgat and Serik. Apart from these regions, there are areas where this enthusiastic sport can be played in many places.

There are beach volleyball courts of international standards on the private beaches of many holiday villages and hotels in Antalya's tourism centers that offer high-level accommodation. In addition to tournaments, many national and international beach volleyball players prefer Antalya because its beaches have a suitable infrastructure for training and preparation.


Antalya is becoming more and more popular with sports tourism besides mass tourism. Antalya has attractive options for tennis lovers.

The city has suitable climatic conditions, a modern transportation network, comfortable accommodation options, qualified courts, and equipped facilities by international standards. It welcomes thousands of domestic and international tennis enthusiasts, amateur and professional athletes every year.

Antalya Open, Hülya Cup Tennis Tournament is one of the seven grass-court tournaments organized at the Professional Tennis Association (ATP) World Tour 250 level. They are organized by the Turkish Tennis Federation, hosted by Turkey for the first time and accepted as the world cup for youth in tennis, BNP Paribas Junior. Hosting national and international tournaments such as the Davis Cup and Junior Billie Jean King Cup, Antalya has become a city where the heart of tennis beats, closely followed by the world tennis community.

 Tennis academies provide high-level services to learn and play tennis in Antalya. Some hotels and holiday villages also have large investments in tennis sports. Thanks to tennis, sustainable tourism spreads to twelve months in the city, supporting alternative tourism diversity.


The triathlon dates back to 1978. It was first performed by the Commander of the US Navy, John Collins, on Hawaii Island, with a 3.9 km swimming course, then a cycling race on the 185 km track, and then a marathon run on the 42,195 km track. It is a sport that tests the endurance and strength of the human body. The triathlon came to Europe in 1983. It was held for the first time in Turkey in 1991 in the town of Alanya.

Antalya's coastal areas have the ideal triathlon environments, where swimming, cycling and running sports are combined. Antalya is one of the favorite cities of triathlon athletes, thanks to its favorable climatic conditions and geographical advantages. It is preferred by more and more athletes every year.

The International Alanya Triathlon is organized as the leg of the European Championship. Many international athletes from different countries of the world participated. The Ironman 70.3 Turkey Races, held in Belek, a district of Serik, are among the most respected events in the triathlon community.

Races host more than a thousand domestic and foreign athletes from nearly a hundred countries every year. Triathlon enthusiasts fight hard to win by testing their speed, strength, skill and endurance. The spectators share this excitement and support the promotion of Antalya.


Swimming is both individually and as a team. It is one of the most popular sports in the world. In addition to living a healthy life and having a fit body, the positive energy, sense of freedom and pleasure of being in touch with water makes swimming even more interesting and indispensable.

Swimming is one of the most popular branches of the Olympic Games. Antalya is an excellent option with its 640 km coastline, clear blue, sparkling and clean seas, along with its city center and districts.

Since mild climatic conditions and ideal water temperature, you can swim for about nine months in Antalya. It is one of the favorite destinations of amateur and professional swimmers with the opportunities it offers.

Every year, local and foreign competitors participating in the swimming races held between Kaş and Meis Island as part of the Lycian - Kaş Culture and Art Festival swim a distance of approximately 7 km and swim for friendship. It brings different cultures together. The event contributes to peace.

On the other hand, Alanya hosts Oceanman, the world's largest open water swimming race series. In the events that host thousands of athletes from over 20 countries, athletes of all ages compete in the magnificent nature of Alanya. Organizations that contribute to sports tourism increase Antalya's worldwide recognition.

Sports Tourism

Antalya is the apple of tourism. It is among the cities that come to the fore in sports tourism in our country, with its geographical features, favorable climatic conditions, advanced transportation opportunities, equipped and modern facilities serving at high standards, in addition to its natural, historical and cultural riches.

Antalya hosts many sports branches throughout the four seasons. Antalya has comfortable and luxurious hotels in world-famous holiday resorts. They are qualified and high-quality sports facilities and professional sports clubs, along with its 640 km coastline, blue flag beaches, clean and clear seas, plateaus, canyons, mountains, caves and rivers. It offers a convenient location option for many sporting events.

Our city is a worldwide brand in football and golf tourism. It is a place where sports and sports activities such as swimming, diving, tennis, cycling, athletics, triathlon, wrestling, motorsports, canoeing, rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing are carried out intensively. It is known as a friendly city.

Antalya hosts many national and international tournaments with the city center and its districts. It is the dream of many athletes to get degrees by participating in elite sports organizations.

Many activities are organized for the adrenaline and adventure-loving tourists who want to acquire new hobbies during their holidays. Tourists participating in pre-event training add color to their travels by gaining different experiences and include Antalya, where they have an unforgettable holiday experience, in their following trip plans.

Apart from national and international organizations, many different city points take attention in terms of high living standards and embrace sports and nature lovers. Showing a good understanding of urbanism with its wide streets, spacious and well-maintained parks, modern bicycle and walking paths, Antalya is increasing its popularity worldwide with each passing year, while asserting its claim in sports tourism with regards to sports tourism the attractive opportunities it offers to professional and amateur athletes.