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Anadolu Toy Museum, located in Kepez Weaving Park, exhibits 15 different themes in 15 halls. The museum, where approximately 13,800 objects are displayed…
Lake Avlan, which is a karstic formation lake, is 1030 m high from the sea, and its size is 850 hectares naturally. There are 569 plants of 80 species in the lake…
Olympos Teleferik is the second longest cable car in the world. It is between Çamyuva and Tekirova, which is approximately 57 km away from the Antalya city center…


Discover the multicultural heritage of Antalya, the city of sun, sea and peace.


Antalya, which has numerous activities from the first lights of the day until midnight, hosts pleasant moments.

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It was founded in an area of ​​approximately 4,000 ...

2020 the Year of Patara


There is a different beauty in every corner of Antalya, which offers excellent opportunities to discover new places.