Get ready to explore Kaleiçi, the pearl of Antalya, with its historical monuments, traditional houses, labyrinth-like streets, entertainment venues and souvenir shops, surrounded by both seas and land walls! You will be amazed by the authentic atmosphere of Kaleiçi, an open-air museum that reveals the deep-rooted history of Antalya and is alive at all times of the year.


Kaleiçi has witnessed history since ancient times, which is the heart of Antalya. The region has been the joint work of all civilizations that have lived for more than two thousand years and is used as a modern marina today. It takes its visitors on a unique journey independent of time and space by dragging them into an authentic and historical atmosphere.

Kaleiçi is mostly destroyed, in the shape of a horseshoe, surrounded from inside and outside. The walls, which border both the sea and the land, have 80 bastions. There are about 3,000 tiled roofed houses within the walls, which are the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. The most characteristic features of the houses, which carry fascinating traces of Greek, Seljuk and Ottoman Architecture, are the courtyard with stairs and divan next to the entrances. The majority of Kaleiçi Houses are paved with black and white geometric or figurative pebbles. These stones help keep homes cool. The trees planted in the courtyards of the houses give shade to the open areas in the summer heat. The distinctive features of the houses most clearly express the architectural history of Antalya, the lifestyle, traditions and customs in the region.

Kaleiçi has been taken under protection as a protected area due to its unique features and traditional texture. It manages to impress its visitors with its lively, energetic and chirpy atmosphere at all hours of the day. Today, the region is a cultural, art and entertainment center with colorful bay windows, winding streets, museums, boutique hotels, hostels, restaurants, entertainment venues, souvenir and carpet shops.

The best way to discover Kaleiçi, which is an open-air museum that reveals the deep-rooted history of Antalya and is alive at all times of the year, is to get lost in its narrow, winding and mysterious streets that resemble a maze that connects. While taking a pleasant walk among the historical walls, you will witness many archaeological, cultural and natural beauties such as Hadrian's Gate, Clock Tower, Yacht Harbor, Yivli Minaret, Hıdırlık Tower, Karatay Madrasa, Mermerli Beach, encounter signs that will surprise you every time, and see delicious signs in almost every corner. You will never forget the unique moments you spent witnessing history in Kaleiçi, where you will come across scenic views.