Çukurbağ Peninsula

The Çukurbağ Peninsula, which is 4 km from the Kaş district center, stretches towards the Mediterranean in the district's southwest. The width of the peninsula, which is approximately 5 km long, narrows to 100 meters in İnceboğaz.
Declared as a 'Natural Site Sustainable Conservation and Controlled Use Area' in 2018. The peninsula addresses those who dream of a peaceful and quiet holiday away from the eyes and those who want to be purified and renewed.
There are various alternatives to having a good time on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, where luxury yachts are included in their routes and attract guests with untouched nature and unique beauties.
Those who want to cool off in the deep blue and cool waters of Kaş, İnceboğaz Beach, Hidayet Bay Beach and Belediye Public Beach on the peninsula are excellent options. The peninsula, suitable for diving, is also ideal for nature walks. Antiphellos Antique Theater, at the entrance of Çukurbağ, is only one of the ruins that have survived to the present day, with a unique view of Kaş and Kastellorizo. Boutique hotels and hostels in the region offer a comfortable accommodation experience. Enjoying a meal and sipping a drink against the magnificent view is another way to enjoy Çukurbağ.