Citrus Turns Becoming Jam in Houses

The citrus trees planted by the Muratpaşa Municipality in the parks, on the streets and streets’ sidewalks, started to bear fruit. On the one hand, while the neighbourhood was picking fruits to make citrus jam, which is Antalya cuisine’s favourite, Muratpaşa Municipality started working with Antalya Women’s Initiative Cooperative to make gift jam.

The production of citrus saplings by Muratpaşa Municipality started in 2014 in the nursery built on 12 decares of land in Ermenek District. To reach the best seed, seeds were taken from the healthiest citrus fruits through screening studies in the region. The first saplings were produced from these seeds in 2015. The saplings that came in the form of trees were planted in parks built by the municipality and on the sidewalks of the renewed streets and streets.

To date, 21 thousand 34 citrus fruits, 15 thousand 100 in the form of trees, have been planted in Muratpaşa. While fruits were picked to make citrus jam, the apple of Antalya cuisine’s eye, Muratpaşa Municipality started a joint effort with Antalya Women’s Enterprise Cooperative to present it to its foreign guests. The citrus fruits to be collected will be jammed by the women who are members of the Antalya Women’s Enterprise Cooperative, whose production activities are carried out at the Abdullah Sevimçok Civil Society and Innovation Centers (ASSİM). The jams will be presented to the guests of the municipality in tasting jars.

Citrus Jam Recipe

The recipe for citrus jam, which is also included in the 2021 calendar, in which Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV) promotes Antalya’s dishes and local flavours, is as follows:

Ingredients:​ 15 pieces of citrus, 1 kilogram of granulated sugar, one lemon


  1. Lightly grate the citrus and wash.
  2. Divide each orange into six equal parts.
  3. Remove pain vessels.
  4. Roll the pieces and string them.
  5. Wait for half a day to take shape.
  6. Put the citrus rolled and string in plenty of water and boil it by squeezing the lemon.
  7. Drain the boiled citrus juice and put it in cold water, and keep it for two days.
  8. Change the fluid of the citrus you strained every 3-4 hours for two days.

After waiting for two days, remove the citrus from the rope. Soak citrus and sugar in clean water for another half a day. After waiting for half a day; Put the sugar, water and citrus in a deep saucepan and slowly, stirring occasionally. You can cover the jam when it starts to foam.