The Finnish Couple: “We feel safe in Turkey.”

The Finnish couple, Annaliis (75) and Olli Ollila (78), rather than spend the processes surrounding the earth coronavirus outbreak in Finland, chose to be in Turkey. The couple has a house in Antalya’s Alanya district, and they flew to Turkey before the travel ban started. The couple that was in Turkey undergoing the Coronavirus process said they felt safe, and the Coronavirus outbreak in Turkey was great.

They also said that they had a summer house in Alanya for ten years, and came to Alanya twice in a year, which they did not break their routine this year as well. Annalisa Ollila, explaining the arrival processes to Alanya, “We came to Alanya from Finland on the last scheduled flight on 15 March. We thought that we could stay here for weeks and that the quarantine could take longer. We were also worried that our plane would be cancelled. Our plane was not cancelled, and we came here safely. We are at home throughout the quarantine. All of us needs are also met. We prefer to be here. The Finnish government has sent several planes for the citizens. But we did not prefer them. It is very nice for us to be in Alanya. We are safe; everything is fine. We plan to go back to Finland in June. We are here right now, and we are happy.”