Historic Kargıhan is in Safe Hands

The historical Kargıhan, known as the only Selçuklu Inn, located on the historical Silk Road in the Beydiğin District of Manavgat, was transferred to the Municipality of Manavgat with the method of renting for repairs for 36 years.

The historical Kargı Han and Bath, which is owned by the Antalya Regional Directorate of Foundations and was previously rented to Demca Construction Tourism, Transportation, Emlak Petrol for repair, upon the request of the municipality, with the approval of the Ministry and the General Directorate of Foundations, as of 21 January 2021. has been transferred to Manavgat Municipality for 36 years. Manavgat Municipality Mayor Şükrü Sözen, Antalya Regional Director of Foundations Hüseyin Coşar, Mustafa Sert on behalf of Demca, Manavgat Deputy Mayor Judge Yılmaz and related unit managers attended the handover and signing ceremony held at the mayor’s office in Manavgat Municipality Side Additional Service Building. It was stated that with the handover made, Manavgat Municipality would implement the restoration application in the historic building and be offered to the people of Manavgat and local and foreign visitors.

A Bridge Between the Past and the Future

Manavgat Mayor Şükrü Sözen thanked the Regional Directorate of Foundations for providing this opportunity and said, “We aim to carry our past culture to future generations by repairing our registered cultural heritage Kargıhan and the bath structure as an Immovable Cultural Heritage Monument. With the cultural and daily use function of the restoration practice that we will implement in this historical building, visitors will establish a bridge between the past and the present life culture. Kargıhan will be offered to the people of Manavgat and local and foreign visitors”.

Historic Kargıhan:

During the Seljuk period, inns and caravanserais were built on the Silk Road for multiple purposes. These structures are “Monumental Quality” structures built to meet people’s various needs, especially accommodation, within a daily walking path of 20 to 30 kilometres. A branch of the Silk Road, starting from China, crossing all of Asia and extending from Anatolia and the

Mediterranean to Europe, passes through our town of Manavgat. Caravanserais in Anatolia take their essence from the sense of cooperation and humanity. The caravanserais formed until today thanks to the foundation system are commercial structures built on roads and working for the public good. It is located in the Beydiğin District of Antalya Province, Manavgat District, on the old trade route connecting the Central Anatolia Region to the Mediterranean Region. According to its architectural style, it is dated to the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev (1236-1246). Surrounded by thick body walls, the inn consists of a rectangular closed section in the east-west direction in the north and open and closed cells around a square-shaped open courtyard in the south. The main hall and other cells are covered with vaults. The crown gate located in the middle of the south body wall opens to the courtyard. The crown door projecting from the rectangular body walls is unique. There is a low-arched entrance door in the iwan-shaped sharp arch opening.