Snow for All Ages in Saklıkent

Active days are experienced in Saklıkent with the increase of snow thickness. In addition to those who slide with professional ski equipment, those who slide with plastic basins created colourful images. Konyaaltı Municipality teams also made an effort to keep the roads open.

Saklıkent Ski Center, located on Antalya’s Beydağları with an altitude of 2,500 meters, became active with the last snowfall. After the snow effect increased, construction equipment compressed the snow on the tracks and completed the skiing and snowboarding preparations.
Professional ski instructors and trainers made trial skiing on the way with the first lights of the morning. After the announcement that the track is suitable for skiing, citizens and professional skiers took the road to Saklıkent. In Saklıkent, where colourful images were seen, in addition to
experienced skiers, citizens who came to the ski center with plastic tubs enjoyed the snow.