Christina Aguilera will be in Antalya on 28 June!

World-famous singer Christine Aguilera will meet her fans at Regnum Carya

22 June 2023

Regnum Carya, which is among the favorite hotels of Antalya, will host world-famous pop star Christina Aguilera as part of “Live in Concert 2023”.

Regnum Carya, which hosted world stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Tom Jones, Rita Ora and Anne Merie in the past years, will again draw attention with the concerts to be organized this year.

Within the scope of Regnum Carya, “Live in Concert 2023”, American pop, gospel, jazz and R&B musician Christina Aguilera, who won 7 Grammy awards, will take the stage on August 8, 2023.

Aguilera, who will give a unique concert at Regnum Carya guesthouses, will make an important contribution to the promotion of Antalya and Turkey with the posts they will make on their guest social media accounts.