Andy Show's world premiere in Antalya!

Andy at the Cosmos Theater on June 15

15 June 2023

The excitement has begun for the world premiere of ANDY SHOW, which is a combination of art, technology, gastronomy and entertainment, which is composed of more than 50 professional artists, each of whom is the best in their own field, and which has made quite a stir in the international arenas where it is staged. The new generation musical theater show “ANDY” will meet with its audience at the Cosmos Theater, a performance center that combines entertainment and gastronomy with a concept that has never been seen before, opened in Antalya under Kilit Group.

ANDY SHOW, where more than 50 professional artists, each of whom is the best in their field, blends technology, art and gastronomy, is preparing to take art lovers in Turkey on a fascinating journey.

The world premiere of Andy Show, a musical theater show that brings together performance arts and technology, will be held on June 15 at Antalya's new generation show center, Cosmos Theatre.

Gastronomy, Art and Technology Together at Andy Show

Igor Rudnik, who is known for his live shows, TV performances, concerts and music videos, is the creator and director of the artistic show with more than 50 people. Rudnik's co-author and right-hand man is Alexey Karpenko, who works as a choreographer and director in various countries around the world and has produced many successful productions. The composer of this magnificent show, which will also offer an interactive space travel with visual effects, is Ryan Otter, nominated for APKiT and Global Music Awards.

Fantastıc Food From The Chefs of Mıchelın Star Restaurants

Andy Show will offer a unique experience with its extraordinary choreography, magnificent decoration, extraordinary costumes and 3D effect, making the audience feel like they are part of the show.

The gastronomy presentation, which is integrated into this magnificent show, will offer a completely different concept to the guests. World-renowned chefs Nicolas Maugard, who has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants, and world-renowned food and beverage developer Fabrice Canelle, will showcase their skills for guests at the glorious night.

Great Investment In The World of Art and Performance From Tourısm Gıant

The premiere of the Andy Show will be held at the Cosmos Theatre, which presents art, entertainment and refined gastronomy, which brings a new breath to the world of tourism, with a concept that has never been seen before.

In this glorious and special night, successful musician Keremcem, master actors Neslihan Yeldan, Ece Özdikici, Tuba Ünsal, Akasya Asiltürkmen, comedian Kaan Sekban, academician-writer Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı, famous programmer and presenter Murat Güloğlu, veteran journalists Ali Eyüboğlu, Barbaros Tapan and many important names from the art and business world, including Yalçın Hafızoğlu, who is one of the popular actors of the last period.

Cosmos Theater in Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel, 5 minutes away from Antalya Airport, within the body of Kilit Group, one of the leading names in the tourism and business world, will open a new door to the tourism sector with its unique and elegant entertainment concept.

Along with the Andy Show, concerts of famous names and colorful shows will meet with the audience throughout the summer. While the guests will have the opportunity to watch all the organizations, they will also experience the pleasure of staying in the luxury hotel.