Andy is on the Cosmos Theater!

The Andy Show will be at the Cosmos Theater three days a week, starting June 20

13 June 2023

ANDY SHOW, specially prepared for the Cosmos Theatre, the new project of Kilit Group, which blends art, technology and gourmet gastronomy culture perfectly, is getting ready to make its world premiere.

The costumes of the show, whose creative director is Igor Rudnik, were meticulously designed by Alina German and the music was specially prepared by Ryan Otter.

The story of Andy's space journey to Explore the Unknown, and his experiences, has the importance of being a big step for the performing arts and show business.

With its acrobats, professional dancers in different dance styles, Diva, famous choreographers, special stage effects and decorations, digital image content, gastronomy feast and presentation integrated into the concept of the show, ANDY has a giant staff behind it.

ANDY SHOW, with the concept of Exclusive Dinner Show, will meet with the audience every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Cosmos Theatre, the new generation show center of Turkey, starting from June 20.

To buy tickets, you can visit and contact the Call Center at 444 90 30.