Discover the heavenly Antalya among the most beautiful shades of green with the deep blue sea of the Mediterranean.​

National Parks

Antalya is a paradise with the national parks lined on the 640 km long coastline and resting on the Taurus Mountains. National parks, which have a rich flora and animal diversity, draw attention to their natural beauty. You can follow the mystery of natural life in the national parks where you can see the best examples of the diversity of natural life in the Mediterranean.

Natural Parks

Rich forest diversity is rock and plant forms in the nature parks in Antalya, A excellent opportunity for nature lovers to get away from the city. There are four nature parks in Antalya, the jewel of Mediterranean, that are protected by natural features and made available for daily use. You can let yourself go to the magic of nature in nature parks, which are one of the most beautiful natural beauties of the region with various plants and wildlife.

Coves & Beaches

Untouched bays, golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters … Antalya, which you can swim along the entire coastline, draws attention with the Mediterranean beaches and unique bays hidden among natural beauties. The bays and beaches, some of which are hidden among the pine forests, some of are only can be reached by boat, are attractive beauties of the Mediterranean coast.


Antalya, one of the most beautiful destinations of the Mediterranean with the sun, sea and lush nature, has many hidden beauties waiting to be discovered. The waterfalls, which are admired with the view of water falling from a height of meters, are among the city’s attractions with their visual beauty. Kursunlu and Duden Waterfalls; It stands out among the charms that can be visited in Antalya in four seasons.


Antalya, which is an essential place for millions of tourists every year with unique nature and thousands of years old cities, has pleasant alternatives for nature lovers with the canyons. Naturally formed canyons in Antalya hosts adventurous moments with the icy waters. You can go on a fascinating journey by embracing history and nature together in the crystal clear waters flowing from the hidden paradises of Antalya.


Beydaglari, which surrounds Antalya, is the holy summit of the ancient period, Tahtali, Mountain of Moses and others … The mountains, rising just behind the Mediterranean shores, is an essential part of Antalya with a width of 21 thousand km². Also, these mountains are one of the characteristic symbols of Antalya with natural and historical treasures on the foothills. The mountains, which draw attention with their imposing scenery, stories of legends and their contribution to natural life, also make an essential contribution to the unique beauty of the city.

Lake & Ponds

Fish floating at your feet, trees reflect on the crystal clear water and peaceful bird sounds … Antalya, the jewelry of the Mediterranean, draws attention not only with the blue sea but also with the lakes and ponds. Antalya, which is a lush region in all seasons, has many lakes and ponds to be alone with nature. You can fish in these lakes and ponds, participate in different activities or relax in a peaceful environment.


Natural and historical beauty with one of the world’s most visited destinations, Antalya, has a significant portion of the caves opened for tourism in Turkey. Karain Cave sheds light on 500. It is the first cave opened to tourism in Turkey. Altınbeşik cave has the largest underground lake known in Turkey, which are the natural wonders of Antalya. The caves are described as geological heritage and host hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.


Antalya, which has high plateaus because of the hilly structure, is an essential place for plateau tourism. In Antalya, some of the local people prefer the sea to cool off in the summer, while the other part sweeps to the plateaus. The plateaus become one of the most crowded spots of the city in summer, which are covered with cedar and juniper forests and have abundant water resources. If you are looking for a fresh and oxygen-rich place instead of a sea vacation, do not forget to go to the lush green plateaus of Antalya.