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Muratpasa, the second most populous district of Antalya, has a population of 510.368 according to 2019 data. Its history is parallel to the city history of Antalya, as the region is the oldest settlement in the Antalya metropolitan area. 

Antalya, which hosted many civilizations as a result of migrations, was founded by King Attalos in 135 BC. The city, known as Attalaia at that time, changed many names until it reached its current name. This historical adventure that started with the name of Attalaia has been defined as Adalia, Adalya and Antalya over time. 

 Muratpaşa takes its name from Karaman Bey, Murat Pasha, who gave his name to the Muratpaşa Mosque, whose construction date is 1570. Muratpaşa has borders to the Mediterranean Sea in the south, Kepez in the north, Konyaaltı in the west and Aksu in the east. The district, which is the first urban settlement of Antalya, today called Kaleiçi, is also included in the region.


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