Local Dishes

There is a rich culinary culture brought by the Cretans, Yoruks and Arabs, which still exist in the city, to Antalya gastronomy.

Antalya Piyaz

Antalya bean salad is just one of the dishes that are famous all over Turkey with a history of nearly a century. Piyaz, which was involved and became famous in Antalya, is one of the local foods that guests should eat while visiting Antalya. Antalya Piyaz is a bean dish with tarator sauce. While piyaz varieties made in other regions of Turkey are consumed as salads, locals are preferred as the main course in Antalya. Piyaz has its distinctive taste from the small grain beans and tarator sauce, which is poured abundantly on haricot beans. Antalya style piyaz was registered by the Turkish Patent Institute in 2017 and took place in geographically marked products. You can eat the most piyaz of Antalya in Piyazcı Sami, Piyazcı Ahmet, 7 Mehmet Restaurant, Arap Nazmi Restaurant, Özdoyum Restaurant and Aksu Şimşek Köfte in the city center.

Tahini Pumpkin Dessert

Tahini, which is indispensable for meals for Antalya locals, is a great flavour added to many dishes in Antalya … Tahini pumpkin dessert is just one of them. Dessert gets a local taste with tahini and walnut pouring after the fresh zucchini is boiled and sherbet. Tahini pumpkin dessert is served in many restaurants in Antalya, especially after eating piyaz or meatball skewers.
7 Mehmet Restaurant, Arap Nazmi Restaurant, Özdoyum Restaurant and Mevlana Restaurant are the most preferred restaurants for tahini pumpkin dessert.

Meatball Skewers

Meatball Skewers, one of the essential foods of Antalya cuisine, are the most popular dishes in the city with the smell and taste. The meatballs, which have become a duo with Piyaz over time and become the classic food of Antalya, are cooked in coal fire by passing skewers. Meatballs made of minced meat are served with baked onions and peppers. You can find most delicious meatball skewers in Şişçi Ramadan, Topçu Kebab, Arap Nazmi Restaurant, Özdoyum Restaurant and Piyazcı Ahmet.

Serpme Patty

Serpme patty is one of the most preferred traditional dishes unique to Antalya. The patty, which has been made in Antalya for more than a century, was served at weddings and vacations for the most delicious treat in the world. Serpme patty, which later became a daily consumed food, is made with cheese, ground beef or potato added between thin pastry. Serpme patty, which is one of the favourite dishes of Antalya people, can be found in patty shops from the early hours of the morning. Börekçi Tevfik, Fıtır Börek, Avcuoğlu Börek and Zamora are the restaurants where you can eat the famous serpme patty.

Arab Kadayıf

Arap Kadayıf is a popular nectar dessert in Antalya. It is known as ‘‘Stone Kadayıf’’ or ‘‘Flat Kadayıf’’ in some regions of Turkey. Kadayıf, which creates a delicious taste with plenty of walnuts and sherbet poured after blending with cinnamon, is among the traditional desserts of Antalya. Be sure to try the Arabian kadayıf, which has a unique harmony with the local dishes of the city such as Şif meatball and Antalya Piyaz. Topçu Kebap, Şişçi İbo, Arap Nazmi Restaurant and Hasan Antalya Restaurant are the restaurants where you can taste this unique dessert.


Hibeş is a special dish by Arabs who came to Antalya many years ago, and it is served as an appetizer, especially in restaurants with alcoholic beverages. Taste of tahini is very dominant in hibeş, which is in a food category that can be consumed as an appetizer and sauce. Besides the chicken, meat dishes and pasta, you can serve as a sauce, or you can eat the hibiscus directly on bread or use it in the preparation of a slider. You can find hibeş, which is one of the local dishes you should taste during your visit to Antalya in the restaurants in Antalya city center. Sandal Balık, Antalya Balık Evi, Lara Balık Evi, and Bi’ Büyük Meyhane, just a few of the places where you can taste this unique dish…

Bergamot Marmalade

Antalya is the most famous city for marmalades in Turkey. Orange, bergamot, kumquat, lemon flowers, tomatoes, watermelon and eggplant marmalade have an international reputation. Jams made from bergamot, which is a citrus variety that is a Mediterranean fruit and resembles a lemon, is one of the flavours that must be tasted during your visit to Antalya. You can also consider bergamot marmalade, which you can easily find in any local market, as a gift.

Kulaklı Soup

Kulaklı soup, which is prepared with minced meat, diced meat, dough and lots of spices and is one of the local dishes of Antalya, is one of the favourite foods of Antalya and visitors to the city. You can try kulaklı soup, which is almost manti soup in 7 Mehmet Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Antalya.

Hülüklü Soup

The local people cook soup, especially at weddings and other special occasions is an abundant grained Antalya dish that is also the main course rather than a soup. It is one of the famous local delicacies of Antalya, which contains rumen pieces or, optionally, chicken meat.

Lentil Ice Cream

Lentil ice cream, unique to Antalya, is a type of appetizer, not a dessert. Appetizer made with lentils, rice, onion, red pepper and garlic, which is a different taste for everyone. Lentil ice cream served as a cold becomes a light flavour consumed in hot Antalya days. Lentil ice cream served cold, and it is a mild flavour consumed in hot Antalya days. Appetizers, which are mostly prepared at home, are not found in restaurant menus.


Tirmis, whose homeland is the Mediterranean basin and iconic for Antalya, is consumed as a snack in the region. It is known as Antalya’s wet snack, tirmis stands out with the unique taste and benefits for health. Tirmis appearance is like sweetcorn, and it has different names in different regions of Turkey, such as lupini beans and tick bean. You can find the delicious snack of Antalya in the street vendors on the streets of Antalya.


Bağaça, which has an essential place in Antalya bazaar cuisine and Ramadan traditions, is an Antalya dish since the 1940s. Bağaça, which is a kind of local bun with cinnamon and tahini flavours, is one of the classic dishes of Antalya. You can find this unique taste, which is consumed more during Ramadan by the people of Antalya because it is filled for a long time, in the famous 18 Bağaçaları shops in Kalekapısı.

Burnt Ice Cream

Burnt ice cream, which is one of the most preferred desserts on hot summer days in Antalya, is unique to Antalya. The characteristic of burnt ice cream is made of goat milk, which has a high rate of fat and dry matter. You can easily find this refreshing taste named as burnt ice cream because of the light burning while boiling milk in many ice cream shops in Antalya. Akdeniz Dondurma, Giliğ Dondurma, Zamora Pastanesi, and Nur Pastanesi are the most preferred places for burn ice cream.

Cretan Kebab with Artichoke

Although homeland is Crete, Enginarli Cretan Kebab, which has turned into a different dish in Antalya, is one of the most beautiful local foods in the city. You can taste this unique food, which is sliced meat with onions and meeting artichokes at Mavro Cretan Cuisine in Konyaaltı.​

Stuffed Rack of Lamb

The stuffed rack of lamb, which is one of the most popular dishes of Antalya cuisine, is also known as stuffed ribs in many regions. It is known as the stuffed rack of the lamb because it is called “racked” in the area where the lamb, sheep or goat has the rib bones. You can eat the stuffed lamb prepared as a result of cooking boiled lamb rib with yogurt and filling it with seasoned rice, especially in the restaurants of Alanya district.

Leğen Kömbesi

Large thin float bread, which is one of the gifts of the Yörük culture, which is dominant in the city, is called the leğen kömbesi. The meatball, prepared with flour, poppy, yeast and molasses, is named the leğen kömbesi since it is kept in an oiled basin after cooking. The meal, which was formerly made in stone ovens, is now also baked in modern ovens.

Alanya Bohçası

One of the most practical dishes of the preparation of Antalya, Alanya Bohçası, is prepared with pancake dough and any ‘‘harç’’ you like. While cheese is generally preferred for breakfast, lamb is preferred for dinner. You can taste this unique dish that draws attention to the appearance in local restaurants in Alanya.

Tomato Cive

In the unique cuisine of Antalya, the tomato cive comes first in the local dishes made with few ingredients. Garlic and rice or bulgur are added to the blending of tomatoes, onions and green peppers. While no water is added to the tomato made with olive oil, there is only tomato juice behind its soup-like appearance. You can taste this unique taste in Parlak Restaurant.

Toros Salad

Toros salad, which is a local dish unique to Antalya, is one of the prominent dishes of the city. Although its name is a salad, it is included in roasted eggplant, capia pepper, onion and many fresh herbs, which is consumed in breakfasts.

Phrygian Stuffed Pepper

The Phrygian stuffed pepper, a popular dish for the locals, is a bulgur free version of Turkish stuffed meatball, one of the unique tastes of Turkish cuisine. Washed peppers are filled with meatball mixture prepared after waiting in water and fried with egg and flour. You can taste the Phrygian stuffed pepper, which is a unique dish in the restaurants in the small villages of Antalya.