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The area of the district is 1.253 km² which is 90 km from Antalya. There is the Mediterranean Sea on the south, Finike district on the west, Elmalı district on the west and northwest directions. Antalya’s Kumluca provides the majority of Turkey’s vegetable needs. 

Although it is estimated that many tribes have lived in the district since the early ages, there is no exact information. Although it is known that the Antalya region was taken by the Anatolian Seljuks in the time of Süleyman Shah, there are no works from the Seljuks in Kumluca and its surroundings. 

According to 2019 data, the population of the region is 70,423, which has a 30 km coastline. On this coastline, hotels, motels, pensions and restaurants are visited by thousands of tourists on the beaches of Adrasan and Olympos. Important ancient cities such as Olympos, Corydella, Rhodiapolis, Idebessiois, Gagae in the district. Many local and foreign tourists especially visit Olympos.


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