World-famous beaches, turquoise bays, ancient ruins and colourful streets are waiting for you.

Kaş, which is 192 km from Antalya city center, has a population of 59,716 according to 2019 data. The district has borders to Demre in the east, Elmalı in the north and Kastellorizo Island in Greece in the south. The primary source of income in the region is tourism, which has an area of 2.231 km² and a coast length of 70 km. The most important monument of Kaş is the sarcophagus that comes across the carpet shops on Uzun Çarşı Avenue. The eight-line Lykia language on the sarcophagus, which can survive today, is unknown to whom it belongs since it cannot be thoroughly read. For this reason, the local people made King Sarcophagus in this sarcophagus. 

In Kaş, which is famous for the handmade rugs and weavings, you can buy dastar, cheesecloth and Yemen produced by local people as gifts. In Kaş, which is renowned for handmade weavings, you can purchase dastar, rugs, cheesecloth by local people as souvenirs. With its charming bays, cobblestone streets, ancient cities, and energetic people, Kaş is also a world-famous diving spot. Don’t forget to swim in the world-famous Kaputaş Beach in Kaş, which is one of the best places for summer holidays with the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


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