Kaleiçi Festival in October

Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal said that the 6th Kaleiçi Old Town Festival would be held on October 14-17 this year. President Uysal stated that the vaccination process that started in the pandemic has led them to organize the festival in Kaleiçi again and that they have begun to promote Kaleiçi and the festival in more than 400 cities from such as Ireland and Vietnam.

Festival excitement starts again in Kaleiçi. The festival, which was held online last year at Türkan Şoray Cultural Center due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is returning to the streets and squares of Kaleiçi this year. Mayor Uysal stated that the vaccination works that started were instrumental in taking steps to be carried out in the historical city center of Antalya, where the festival belongs and announced the festival calendar. Mayor Uysal said that the 6th Kaleiçi Old Town Festival would be held on October 14-17.

“All Kaleiçi We Will Be Together”

Stating that Kaleiçi Old Town Festival is a festival of values, Mayor Uysal said, “This year we have started to work together with all the stakeholders of Kaleiçi, together with the operators, hoteliers and tradesmen who have been going through tough times. He spoke.

Festival each year participate as a guest of honour of a country, Kaleiçi’nde Spice up the procession of the street, every corner, dance and theatre performances held in the square, in a short time with the Old City as historical form and concert invention of the city with the city center of Turkey dated has become one of the city festivals. In 2019, at the Kaleiçi Old Town Festival, which was held with the participation of 48 cities from 3 continents and 24 countries, 236 events were held in 39 points of the historical town with the participation of 185 artists and more than a thousand foreign tourists together with the city delegations visited Kaleiçi during the festival period.