Kaan Kavaloğlu: We Expect 100 Percent Increase

Turkey, in 2019, but in 2023 the figure will reach about AKTOBE stated that the Vice President Kaan Kavaloğlu, in 2021 and said that without Turkey’s Antalya can not be considered a tourist destination.

One hundred percent growth by 2020 would save AKTOBE, said Kaan Kavaloğlu, Vice President. He noted that Turkey, in the past year, comes forward with safe tourism certification. Kavaloğlu argued that Antalya proved this by hosting 3.5 million tourists.

Stating that the most visitors were hosted from Russia, England and Ukraine in 2020, AKTOB Vice President noted that there would be a 100 percent surplus in 2021 with the expected visitors from Scandinavia and other countries.

“We can only reach 2019 figures in 2023.”

Despite the number of visitors in 2021 who can not be approached by the Kaan attention Kavaloğl of 2019, ” Turkey will be reached in 2019 but in 2023 the figure. In 2021’s Antalya, world tourism is unthinkable without Turkey. “We are opening the season as of April.”