Covid-19 Vaccine for Nursing Home Residents The Elderly Residents and Employees of Kepez Municipality’s Compassion and Nursing Home Received Their First Dose of Vaccination within the Covid-19 Vaccination Program’s Scope.

The first dose of the Corona vaccine produced by the Sinovac company was given to the elderly residents and employees of the Kepez Municipality Compassion and Nursing Home, within the “Covid-19 Vaccine ” scope National Implementation Strategy” determined by the Ministry of Health. The vaccine is administered in two doses, 28 days apart. In the nursing home, where many measures were applied against the new type of coronavirus for a long time, the vaccination was carried out by the Provincial Health Directorate’s health personnel. Health officials informed nursing home residents before immunization was given. The nurses then administered the first dose of the vaccine under the supervision of a doctor, following the distance and hygiene rules, to the elderly who took temperature measurements. As part of the Covid-19 vaccination program, nursing home staff were also vaccinated. After the vaccination, the nursing home residents and staff were kept under surveillance for a while, and no adverse conditions were encountered in the vaccinated people. The second dose of the vaccine will be given to residents and staff of Kepez Municipality Compassion and Nursing Home 28 days later.