Horse Safari with History and Nature

Antalya, which has many options in alternative tourism, hosts numerous activities such as diving, canyon tours, paragliding, ATV and enduro. Horse safari is one of the most preferred activities by local and foreign tourists. Kaş, one of the favourite tourism centers of Antalya, comes to the fore with an event that has attracted significant interest from local and foreign tourists for many years. Horse safaris organized as an alternative to sand, sea and sun tourism at the Ancient Patara Beach in the district offer tourists an unforgettable experience.

Blue and Green Together

During the tour, which starts at horse farms and lasts 14 kilometres round trip, local and foreign tourists are first introduced to horses. Afterwards, he wears his helmets and gets on the horses accompanied by helpers. Passing by the edge of Patara District, you can watch the sea, ancient Patara City and nature on a horse from a height of approximately 300 meters. Then, going through the greenery, we go down to the ancient city of Patara. The world-famous Patara Beach is reached, bypassing the edge of the old town on horseback. Those who are confident and want to increase their adrenaline can gallop among the waves on the beach. Again, by watching the sunset on the beach, the magnificent views are witnessed. After the tour is completed, the return starts from the road. The horse safari, which takes place in the morning and evening hours, gives the participants exciting moments for an average of 2-2.5 hours.