Untouched bays, mysterious caves, bananas and tropical orchards await you.

Gazipaşa’s history dates back to 628 BC, which is 177 km from Antalya city center. Gazipaşa is in the far east of Antalya, whose coastline is about 50 km. The district, which has very favourable beaches to swim, also draws attention with the charming bays, which are hidden among the rocks. The soil of the area has a chestnut colour, which is arable for vegetable, citrus, and banana farming. 

The district, which has been home to Greeks, Romans, Seljuks and Karamanids throughout history, has a population of 50,555 according to 2019 data. Gazipaşa is one of the places to visit with the historical castle and city ruins, clean beaches and high oxygenated plateaus.


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