Experience a creative gastronomy experience with the average 300 of sunny days in Antalya, fertile lands and multicultural structure.

Local Dishes

Influences of many cultures can be seen in Antalya cuisine. There is a rich culinary culture brought by the Cretans, Yoruks and Arabs, which still exist in the city, to Antalya gastronomy. A large number of vegetables and fruits are grown in Antalya, where the Mediterranean climate is experienced. Therefore, it is seen that vegetable dishes are predominant in the city’s cuisine. Also, olive oil grown in the region is one of the essential factors for Antalya cuisine. In Antalya cuisine; There are many exciting foods such as piyaz, shish meatballs, Cretan kebab with artichoke, eared soup, Taurus salad, hibiscus, zucchini with tahini, Arabic kadayif, sprinkle fritters, bitter orange and bergamot jam.


In the region, which is one of the most important production areas in the world in terms of vegetables, fruits and olive oil, quality wines are also produced, which are appreciated by international wine authorities. Your visit to Antalya becomes a unique gastronomic experience with fresh local products, creative dishes and quality wines. In addition to local restaurants with a centuries-old history in the city, fine dining restaurants, which are the best of Turkish and international cuisine, and Mediterranean restaurants that stand out with fresh seafood are waiting for you.

Bistros & Cafés

Unique Mediterranean Sea view, various menus, impressive decorations … Antalya has many enjoyable alternatives for gastronomy lovers with charming bistros and cafes in the city. There are unusual tastes from traditional Turkish breakfasts to indispensable dishes of Italian cuisine, burger varieties to world-famous street foods, bistros have exclusive menus and eye-catching decorations. The Mediterranean style streets and bistros include stunning places such as Pio Gastro Bar & Bistro, Pablito Bistro, Shakespeare Bistro, BigChefs and The Royal Castle.

Coffee Shops

In Antalya, where there are many options for drinking coffee, the second most consumed beverage in the world, it is possible to see new generation coffee shops at almost every corner. You can find delicious coffee prepared with unique coffee beans and fresh snacks with coffee in new generation coffee shops, which become one of the biggest trends. After a stroll through the historical streets of Antalya, you can refresh yourself by enjoying coffee in the city’s cute coffee shops. Coffeetainer, Kronotrop Coffee, The Sudd Coffee, The Little Caffe, Cozy Coffee House and Mackbear Coffee are some places where you can drink the best coffee in the city.