Florian Macek “I Loved Kaleici”

Austrian young model and actress Florian Macek was in Antalya for the shooting of the TV series. We got together with Macek, who has many followers from Turkey and asked him about his new project and the Turkish food he loves at home.

Hello, can you tell us a little about yourself? We want to hear about your career journey…

I was discovered while on vacation in New York in 2017. At first, I turned down modelling offers because I had no experience and was still in college. When the offer came again, I decided to try it once. Thus, I realized my first test shoot in Germany. My career journey took me to different countries in Europe and Asian countries, such as South Korea and China.

You are a very talented model… Now you have stepped into acting. Which area makes you happier?

I just started acting. I’ve had fun so far, but I guess it’s too early to give an honest answer to this. Can you tell us a little about your new project? How did you get involved?

I was discovered by my manager Serter Üçer, who believed in me. He brought me to Turkey and introduced me to the director of the series I am currently working on.

Where are the shootings taking place?
In Antalya. There are plans to shoot the new scenes in Europe.
What are your thoughts about Antalya? What did you like most about here? I liked the air and sea of Antalya the most. And also Kaleici…
Then let’s ask about your favourite Turkish dish…
Çiğ köfte and ayran.