Five beaches are in the Cleanest Beaches in Europe

The Guardian Newspaper has published the 30 cleanest beaches in Europe. The travel writers of the newspaper chose those beaches, there were two beaches in Antalya. The world-famous Patara Beach in Kaş district and Çıralı Beach in Kemer district were selected as the “cleanest of Europe” by British writers.

It was emphasized that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared 2020 the “Year of Patara” made the tourism professionals of Antalya happy and would make a significant contribution to the promotion of the region and Antalya. Patara Beach, with the 12 km long beach next to the ancient city, was chosen by British travel writers as “the cleanest of Europe”. Patara Beach, which is one of the most magnificent beaches of the region with the turquoise blue sea and fine sand, also draws attention to shallowness.