Antalya, the City of Festivals

Antalya, the city of tourism, nature, culture and art; Together with its center and its districts, it hosts many national festivals every year. The celebrations, which the people of Antalya with art and artists, successfully introduce our city and our country to the world. We wanted to remember some of the suspended events due to the pandemic, or that took place online, and that art lovers are eagerly waiting to participate again.

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

In 1964, Dr. Avni Tolunay began under Turkey’s oldest and longest-running Golden Orange film festival, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality’s aegis, organized by the ANSET. Organized to support Turkish cinema financially and spiritually, the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival has become one of the most critical steps in their career journeys by rewarding many famous names who have worked in the cinema industry so far. The festival, which is eagerly awaited by the residents of Antalya and hosts world-famous actors and directors, brings together the most prestigious examples of local and foreign cinema with moviegoers.

Alanya International Jazz Festival

Alanya Jazz Festival, one of the most important cultural and artistic events of our city with a history of nearly 20 years, hosts famous musicians. The festival, which offers a full program to music lovers with the participation of world jazz stars every year, makes a significant contribution to the promotion of Antalya.

Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival

The Culture Ministry State Opera and Ballet General Directorate of Turkey’s first opera performed by the ballet festival in Aspendos

International Opera and Ballet Festival

It has been taking place in Aspendos Ancient Theater since 1994. Intense interest in seeing the festival every year, with 60,000 reaching domestic and foreign audiences to our country’s art and bringing its contribution tourism is one of Turkey’s most famous festivals.

Kaleiçi Old Town Festival

Since 2016, and the festival attended every year as the guest of honour of a country, Kaleiçi streets of colourizing the procession, dance and theatre performances held during the festival, the form in which the invention of the city with the historic city center such as Old City and the concert with a short time of Turkey’s leading city festivals became one.

International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

The International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival (SANDLAND), which meets with its visitors with a different theme every year, is held on ​​10 thousand square meters located on the world-famous Lara beach. In the festival, works created by using only water and sand as a result of the performances of professional sand sculpture artists from many countries of the world and local artists are exhibited.

International Antalya Piano Festival

The International Antalya Piano Festival, organized since 2000, contributes to Antalya’s international ‘City of Art’ identity. The festival, which takes place in October every year, hosts world-famous pianists. Also, free events open to the public are organized for music lovers during the festival.

Side International Culture and Art Festival

Side International Culture and Art Festival, held since 2001, brings together hundreds of thousands of people with art and artists by integrating culture and art with history and tourism. The festival, which aims to introduce Side to the world through the Side Festival, hosts artists and groups worldwide at the Side Antique Theater.

Antalya International Theater Festival

The Antalya International Art Festival, which reaches thousands of theatre audiences every year by providing an influential culture and art dynamic in the city, has been organized by the General Directorate of State Theaters since 2010. In the festival, whose tickets are sold out quickly due to the intense interest it receives, theatre lovers have the opportunity to watch valuable works.