Expo Turns Into A Movie Studio

Jason Statham is Coming to Antalya

Built for 1.8 billion TL in Antalya, the EXPO area is turning into a giant film set. World-renowned director Guy Ritchie and actor Jason Statham will shoot the action movie “Five Eyes” in the area that will rival Hollywood.

Aksu district of Antalya in Turkey, built by transferring 1.8 billion TL as of the first EXPO site, 121 acres transformed into a giant exhibition space long debated how to evaluate the film plate after the event. The first step in this area is taken with the action movie Five Eyes, in which the famous Hollywood director Guy Ritchie and action movie star Jason Statham will come together. According to Ceren Deniz’s news from Hürriyet newspaper, the production team started an official correspondence with the Antalya Governorship, municipalities and related institutions to shoot the film after the permission for filming from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cinema.

Preparations have Started

Explaining the details of the agreement process with the Hollywood film production company, Antalya Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Gökhan Karaca said: “We sent offers to all organization companies to actively evaluate our exhibition area. This way, we made the connection. The Turkish company, working with the film’s production company, provided the infrastructure and organization. The advantages of shooting the movie in Antalya were explained to the production company, and the authorities were convinced. This is a very high budget organization. We researched the world market and made an offer at the same standards, and it was accepted. We rented our indoor garden in the EXPO area for filming. Currently, the film crew is setting up a studio there. Film plateaus are created in the EXPO area. Curtains surrounded the studio where the plateaus were prepared. Actors will come to Antalya in the coming days. Their accommodation and transportation plans are also done. “

To be Continued

Referring to the importance of hosting the Hollywood organization in terms of promotion, Karaca said, “The name of Antalya, which is world-famous in tourism, will be heard in the cinema sector from now on. We are also very advantageous in terms of accommodation infrastructure and easy accessibility. “There is no obstacle to the continuation of these projects.”

They are Coming to Antalya

Actors will come to Antalya in the coming days for filming. They were noting that the production team will shoot not only in the EXPO area. Also, in different parts of the city, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Police Branch Head Behiç Özdemir said, “They examined the region, they admired the original texture of Kaleiçi and Karaalioğlu Park and the cliffs. Since Kaleiçi is a

unique ancient city under protection, relevant units were informed, and approval was requested. According to the film crew’s application letter, the shooting of Kaleiçi will start on 8 February. “

The screenplay for the Hollywood production will be written by Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies, one of The Gentlemen writers, while Guy Ritchie will revise the script and undertake the production of the film. In the movie, Jason Statham stars as MI6 agent Orson Fortune, recruited by the global intelligence alliance Five Eyes to track and stop the sale of a deadly weapon technology that threatens the world’s order.