Antalya, which has a fun and active nightlife, has many different venues where you can listen to all kinds of music.


There are many alternatives for those who love to have fun every month. Antalya is one of the cities where nightlife is the most active with the concept bars and extraordinary entertainment concept. The nightlife of the city is vibrant in Konyaalti, Lara, and Kaleici, where Turkey’s most popular and young talented singers or bands take the stage. There are various concepts for different genres of music, and the bars offer joyful moments to the guests who want to let themselves go into the rhythm of the music.


The nights of Antalya are just as pleasant and enjoyable as day… Antalya, which offers you opportunities to live your every moment fully, night entertainment with the clubs at the most beautiful places in the city. With world-famous DJs, fascinating dance shows and high-rhythm music, you can have fun in the night warming places until the first lights of the morning.


The taverns, which have a special place in Turkish entertainment culture, are not only places to eat but also places to go for a pleasant time with your loved ones. The taverns that inspire even the most famous poets continue to be kept alive today as a nostalgic tradition. You can listen to Turkish classical music in the taverns all over Antalya and have a pleasant evening with the most special appetizers of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine.

Wine Houses

Dating back to ancient times, wine is one of the indispensables of Mediterranean nights with its taste and romantic spirit that delights all kinds of environments. Dating back to ancient times, wine is one of the indispensables of Mediterranean nights with the taste and passionate aura that delights all types of situations. Wine houses, which are in the historical streets of Kaleiçi, have a different pleasure to the evening hours. Antalya, which is the address of high-quality grapes with the sunny days and fertile soil, draws attention with the high-quality local wines.