Striking structures, local tastes and traditional festivals await you with the historical atmosphere.


Elmalı district, which is approximately 111 km from Antalya city center, is at the foot of the Elmalı Mountain, reaching a height of 2.503 m. The area is in the north of the Lycian region, and many civilizations have influenced it in history. According to 2019 data, the district has a population of 38,972 people. Also, fruit farming is in the foreground in the area. Elmali has a 12% production of apples in Turkey. In Elmalı, where traditional culture is tried to be preserved in daily life, local arts and festivities continue all yearround. There are many alternatives in cultural tourism with the historical and archaeological structures within the borders of Elmalı.


Enjoy being in Elmalı with different activity options that continue throughout the day.