Ecological Children’s Magazine Started to be Published

Döşemealtı Municipality’s vision of the project, Turkey’s sample project Ecological Nursery, pandemic period rolled up its sleeves to spend time with the children amused. The “Ecological Child Magazine”, which was carefully prepared by Ecological Kindergarten Preschool teachers, each of whom are experts in their fields, started its publication life.

One of the visionary projects of the Döşemealtı Municipality, “Ecological Children’s Magazine,” started publication. The magazine, which has been prepared with great care to contribute to the development of children and adapt to school life, contains important content to instill environmental and nature awareness in children, become healthy individuals, and contribute to their cognitive and social development. The magazine, which was at home during the pandemic period and prepared with great care to prevent the development of children from being adversely affected by limited activities, will enter all homes in the district free of charge.

Greatly Appreciated

The first issue of ‘Ecological Children’s Magazine, which teaches children of preschool and primary school age with great pleasure and teaches with fun, has started to be distributed free of charge. The magazine, which began publishing life with the first issue, will continue to be a guest in the little ones’ houses every month. This non-profit work, which aims to teach the children educated in the ecological nursery and the children living in the whole district, has been highly appreciated by the citizens.

Contributes to Their Development

Ecological Children’s Magazine, which explains ecological activities, zero waste and environmental awareness by entertaining children of preschool and primary school age, includes stories and fairy tales, fun experiments for children and contributing to their development, and kitchen activities that they can do with their families. In the magazine, which includes many handicraft and environmental awareness works, children are given book recommendations to read with their families and gain the habit of reading.