EKDAĞ Konyaaltı and Lara Beach Opened to Service

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality EKDAĞ Konyaaltı and Lara Beach Social Facilities
started to serve with controlled normalization. The beaches will be the meeting point of
tourists this summer with their quality service and safe environment within the scope of
Covid-19 measures.
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality EKDAĞ Social Facilities, serving in Antalya’s world-famous
Konyaaltı Beach and Lara Beach, famous for its sand, opened. With the normalization period,
every place in the facilities, from sun loungers and umbrellas to walking paths and dressing
cabins, was organized by the hygiene and social distance rules. Precautionary practices were
implemented for public health from beginning to end.
Frequent Disinfection
As part of the measures, entering and exiting the beach are kept separate to maintain social
distance, while the distance between the sun loungers is maintained. A length of at least 1.5
meters is left between the sun loungers. Sunbeds are disinfected frequently by the staff during
the day. There are photocell faucets and contactless soap dispensers in the toilets, and there
are 250 sunbeds in EKDAĞ Konyaaltı Beach and 750 in Lara Beach.
Affordable Restaurants
Citizens who fill the social facilities with their families in the early hours of the morning enjoy the
sea in a peaceful and safe environment until the evening. The lifeguard team is also on standby
against possible dangers on the beaches, and there are also unique sunbeds and walking paths
on the coasts for disabled people. Ekdag Konyaaltı Beach has a restaurant serving at affordable