Antalya, which is an essential center in subjects such as kindergarten, university, public education and healthy ageing education,
is fast developing to become a city of education with its investments in this field.


Although Antalya has been identified with “sea, sun and sand”, it is often mentioned by the investments in education. Antalya, which has modern educational institutions with international standards, invests in subjects such as public education and healthy ageing education as well as primary school education. The city, which has educational opportunities for all segments of the society, continues to be a pioneer in this regard with the qualified investments.

Education Centre

Standing out in education and science, Akdeniz University has become proud of Antalya with worldwide known succession in many fields. There are five universities in Antalya, 2 of which are state and 3 of which are foundations. Every year, thousands of graduates from the Faculty of Medicine, engineering, architecture, science, communication, fine arts, law, education and tourism. In addition to the schools where especially Russian children receive primary education, Antalya has a tourism academy that trains foreign staff for the tourism sector, and various vocational and foreign language courses.