Coronavirus Precautionary Safe Service at Doğan Hızlan Library

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Doğan Hızlan Library continues to provide high-level service with social distance and hygiene measures during the pandemic period.

Doğan Hızlan Library, which serves under the Directorate of the Cultural and Social Affairs Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, maintains its characteristic of being the most famous Antalya library. Its extensive collection of 65 thousand books and 32 thousand members, thanks to the pandemic process measures. HEPP code application is carried out at the library entrance, fire and visit time records of visitors are kept with a thermal camera thermometer. Citizens who want to borrow books can buy the books they choose using disposable gloves using the sterilization device. Returned books are sterilized one by one before taking their place on the shelves. The building is disinfected every day by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality vector combat team, and all measures are taken to protect the sanitary security in the library.

65 Thousand Bookcase Collection

Doğan Hızlan Library provides service with its extensive collection of 65 thousand books and 32 thousand members. Despite the pandemic conditions in 2020, the library, where 11 thousand books were lent, is open every weekday between 10.00-16.00.

E-Book Collection Available 24/7

Thanks to the e-book catalogue accessible through Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Doğan Hızlan Library’s official web addresses, copyrighted works are offered to the readers in e-book format. Turkey’s most prominent publishers collect thousands of e-books from the place he works, seeing significant interest from readers.

Study Halls Closed Garden at Service

The garden section of the library, whose study rooms were kept closed within the scope of the measures taken under pandemic conditions, was opened to students who want to study, and a safe working area was created in the open air. Students enjoy studying outdoors in the greenery.