Antalya, the tourism capital, which offers guests unique experiences, stands out with endless sea, sand and sun pleasure, natural, historical and cultural riches, and shopping opportunities. In the city, where the number of places to shop is quite high, there is a wide range of options from local delicacies to original souvenirs that appeal to all tastes and tastes.

Kaleici is one of the places where you can come across highly authentic and original souvenirs while walking around the city. Kaleiçi, an open-air museum that lives all seasons of the year, is a shopping paradise with carpets, leather, clothing, jewelry, spices, souvenir shops and antique shops. You will feel the magical atmosphere of Kaleiçi, and the narrow streets smelling of history are full of surprises that will surprise you. Handcrafted carpets and rugs that you will admire with their colors and patterns, tiles and stalactites that will add color to your living spaces with their delicate artistry, traditional and modern jewelry, shops that allow you to meet local tastes and many more are waiting for you in Kaleiçi.

Shopping in Antalya, which has a modern understanding of urbanism, is a pleasure in itself. It is possible to find everything you are looking for in Antalya with big shopping malls that will meet your every need, stores on the coasts and infamous tourism resorts, boutiques and shops lined up on busy streets, peddlers opening stalls at specific points of the city.

In addition to all these, jams such as citrus, bergamot and watermelon peel are among the first products that come to mind when talking about souvenirs in Antalya, which is famous for local flavors, are another way to make your loved ones happy.

Magnets, the most beautiful symbol of showing that you are going on vacation, postcards reflecting the magnificent views of the city, nostalgic objects, textiles with original motifs, woven products and much more will help you remember your trip to the city for a lifetime. Don't forget to buy souvenirs!