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Shopping malls

Offering uninterrupted shopping pleasure 365 days a year with hundreds of brands and thousands of products, Antalya draws attention with shopping centers where the most well-known stores in Turkey and the world are. These elite and prestigious centers offer effortless and pleasant shopping opportunities by gathering all your needs from groceries to clothing, electronics to stationery, cosmetics to sports equipment, furniture to jewelry, restaurants to movies under the same roof. The shopping malls, where famous brands bring their products to the buyers, also allow shopping enthusiasts to follow the latest fashion designs and new season trends.

Considering all the details for the convenience of visitors, the shopping malls allow you to quickly find everything you are looking for with their regular layout plans while allowing you to shop to your heart's content in a spacious and comfortable environment where you will not be affected by the heat of summer and the cold of winter. It is also among the alternatives to continue the day in the dining or entertainment areas and spend pleasant hours with your loved ones after having a nice walk between the floors and fulfilling your needs.

Shopping centers such as Terracity, Shemall, MarkAntalya, 5M Migros, Mall of Antalya, Deepo Outlet Center, ÖzdilekPark, Erasta and Flora Park await shopping lovers in Antalya, a modern world city with high living standards.