Local Markets

Local neighbourhood markets, where producers have met directly with consumers for many years, give many clues about the agricultural products grown in the region, the local cuisine culture, the consumption habits, and the people's lifestyle in the area.

With climate, abundant water resources and fertile lands, Antalya, which is at the top of fruit and vegetable production in Turkey, is in a fortunate position in terms of local neighbourhood markets. Local markets, which are part of a centuries-old tradition, spread all over the city, keeping a deep-rooted tradition from the past to the present and adding harmony to the city's daily life.

In the open and closed markets set up on certain days of the week, in the streets or the neighbourhood squares, the villagers can sell the products belonging to their garden or field, which they have grown with their own hands and worked for. In addition to fresh vegetables and fruits, which are appetizing with their colors and images, on the benches lined up in rows, you can find; nuts, dried fruits, cheese, yogurt, butter and delicatessen products made from the milk of natural animals, gift objects, clothing, textiles and a wide variety of household items. 

In addition to the famous bazaars in the city center, such as Çarşamba Pazarı and Sosyete Pazarı in Antalya, there are district markets that have become traditional in the districts and are established on certain days of the week, which are the meeting and socializing point of the local people. Especially the large markets found in touristic towns such as Alanya, Manavgat, and Kemer take great attention from the locals and the local and foreign tourists. They come to the city with the variety of products they offer and the authentic and nostalgic atmosphere. Tourists visit local markets with curiosity and excitement to discover local foods, textiles and souvenirs, products specific to that region more closely and to better grasp the cultural texture of the area.

Even if you don't need anything, taking a pleasant tour of the local markets to see colorful sections of the city's daily life and breathe a different atmosphere is one of the most attractive ways to evaluate your day differently.