Güver Cliff Canyon

Güver Cliff Canyon is almost a natural wonder with its rich plant diversity. It is in the borders of Düzlerçamı National Park in the Döşemealtı district. The region is preferred due to its proximity to the city center. It is one of the frequent destinations of photography enthusiasts and nature lovers with its interesting natural formations in the canyon, observation terraces and the panoramic view of Antalya. 
With a height of 115 meters, a width of 20-30 meters and a length of approximately 2 km, the canyon was formed in 1 million years due to karst erosion by surface waters. Güver Stream, Karaman Stream and Gürkayak Stream pass through the canyon. These three streams meet the canyon differently and are essential in geology and geography. 
The Güver Canyon Nature Park was established in 2007 in the region. It is the habitat of wild animals such as foxes, roe deer, mountain goats, wild boar, raptors such as falcons and hawks. It is one of the rare areas where endangered fallow deers live. 
It is possible to come across maquis varieties such as juniper, red pine, holly oak, gum tree and carob in the region. It has Mediterranean climate vegetation. When viewed from above, the Güver Cliff arouses excitement with its height. The below offers a unique visual feast to the canyon visitors with its interesting geographical formations. The magnificent vegetation and animal varieties that can be seen from this area allow photography enthusiasts to capture exquisite shots.