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National Parks

Antalya; With its national parks leaning against the Taurus Mountains. It is like a corner of heaven. The national parks are home to countless riches, revealing the city's impressive geography, which is uniquely intertwined with history and nature.

The unique nature is covered with trees such as maquis, pine, cedar, juniper, oak, fir, and rich flora and fauna. The national parks, which have many unique features, are the habitat of endemic plants, colorful flowers and wildlife, and the tourists visiting the city. It allows you to embrace nature.

Feeling all the privileges of being in the Mediterranean, with activities such as nature walks, picnics, camping, photography, wildlife watching, climbing and rafting, in national parks where you can see the best examples of the diversity of natural life in the Mediterranean and forget how time passes in wonderful nature. You can add different experiences to your life.