Giden Gelmez Mountains Akdağ Geyik Mountains Beydağları Mount Moses Girls' Point (Kızlar Sivrisi) Tahtalı Mountain Taurus Mountains Saklıkent Ski Center Çıralı - Yanartaş Twin Rocks (İkiz Kayalar)


Surrounded by the Taurus Mountains in the north, which run parallel to the sea, Antalya has an average of 77.8% mountainous terrain. The mountains rising just behind the Mediterranean coast make up an essential part of the 21,000 km² city.

Beydağlari surrounds the Gulf of Antalya in grandeur and offers a magnificent view. The sacred peak Tahtalı, which was described as the 'Mountain of the Gods' in ancient times, Musa Mountain, famous for the ancient ruins on the summit, the Giden Gelmez Mountains with mysterious stories, the Girls Sivrisi, the favorite of climbers, the 'Land of Lakes'. Akdağ and others… These mountains are home to many endemic plant species and wildlife in the forests surrounding their foothills; In addition to the magnificent and impressive appearance, it is among the characteristic symbols of Antalya with its natural and historical treasures.

The mountains, an important geographical element with their magnificent images that leave the viewers alone with indescribable feelings, stories that are the subject of legends and their contribution to natural life, are also an indispensable part of the unique beauty and aesthetics of the city.