Manavgat Dam

Manavgat Dam is one of the two dams built on the Manavgat River together with the Oymapınar Dam in the Manavgat district of Antalya. It has been serving since 1987 to generate electricity. The dam is an earthen body fill type, has a height of 29 meters from the water bed and a body volume of 1,200,000 cubic meters.
The dam is also used for irrigation, tourism, fishing and meeting sanitary needs.
Oymapınar, Güzelyalı and Değirmenli Villages are around the lake. Waters have a striking green hue. Fishing is allowed in the lake, where swimming is prohibited. While there are suitable areas for picnics around it, restaurants meet your food and drink needs.
Manavgat Dam Lake has impressive views, excursion boats organize tours, just like in Oymapınar Dam Lake. In these tours, visitors are faced with a unique visuality and have the opportunity to explore the beauties of the dam more closely.