Green Lake

Green Lake takes its name from the unique enchanting color of the water and fascinates those who see it with its beauty. It is in Antalya's Kaş district. Green Lake, a crater lake, is on the Gömbe Plateau, famous for its unique geographical riches. It is on the eastern slope of Akdağ, the second-highest peak of Western Antalya, at an altitude of approximately one thousand nine hundred and ninety meters.
With the melting snow on the slopes of Akdağ, the water of Green Lake has an average temperature of 12 degrees. It flows under the ground towards Gömbe Plateau. The water flowing through the rocks of the lake, which has an area of ​​50 decares. It is carried to the neighborhoods of Kaş, Demre and Elmalı by pipes and used as drinking water.
It is said that part of the lake's water comes from the springs of Uçarsu Waterfall, which is nearby. It takes about half an hour to walk from Gömbe Plateau to reach Green Lake, not accessible by road. Those who dare to climb this strenuous climb have the chance to discover the lake's striking yet straightforward beauty and peaceful atmosphere.
The lake and its surroundings, which display a wild appearance in winter, take on a completely different appearance in summer. The ice-cold waters are the source of the melting snow in the mountains. The colorful flowers and plants that cover the lake, the vitality, the feeling of purification and renewal given by the clean, cool air transform this place into a unique environment where many activities can be done for nature lovers.