Çayboğazı Dam

Çayboğazı Dam is in Gömbe Plateau of Kaş district. It was built between 1996 and 2000 for irrigation purposes. The dam is on the southeastern slopes of Akdağ, the highest mountain in the Western Taurus Mountains after Kızlar Sivrisi.
The earthen body dam, which has a water storage capacity of 56 million cubic meters, is 67.70 meters high and provides irrigation services to 13,848 hectares.
The Çayboğazı Dam, which is adjacent to Gömbe Plateau, Uçarsu Waterfall and Yeşil Göl, is fed by the waters of Uçarsu Waterfall pouring from the slopes of Akdağ, giving life to the vineyards and gardens in Gömbe and Elmalı Plains.