Alakır Stream

Alakır Stream is in Antalya's Kumluca district and originates in Beydağları. After a journey of approximately 70 km, the tea pours into the Gulf of Finike and brings waters together with the Mediterranean.
The karstic basin of the stream that feeds the Alakır Dam, consisting of limestone layers, passes through Dereboğazı between Toçak Mountain and Salur Mountain. On the stream, there is the Kırkgöz Arch from the Roman period.
Alakır Valley, which has a width of approximately 15 km, contains about 20 settlements of various sizes. Nature lovers take pleasant and adventurous walks along the Alakır Valley, witnessing unique landscapes passing through mills, granaries and water sources in lush nature.
Dibek Nature Reserve is in the west of Alakır Valley. It is home to many endemic plant species and many tree species, especially cedar trees, with rich biological diversity, Bikir Vine, Öd Thorn, Eastern Maple, and also known as Sealman among the people. The oldest known cedar tree in the world has been in existence for 2,326 years in the Dibek Nature Reserve. The local people know this monumental tree as 'Barn Tar'. In addition, a new endemic fish species called 'Alakır Alası' in the Alakır Stream increases the importance of brook in terms of fauna diversity.
With its waters, the Alakır Stream becomes a source of life for the Alakır Valley and the surrounding mountains. It also enriches the ecosystem of the region by bringing abundance and fertility.