Alakır Stream Alakır Dam Manavgat Dam Korkuteli Dam Çayboğazı Dam Green Lake Dim Stream Oymapınar Dam Titreyengöl Doyran Pond Avlan Lake Dipsiz Lake Eğrigöl Baranda Lake Alara (Ulugüney) Stream Ekşili Pond

Lakes & Ponds

Antalya hosts countless geographical riches. It draws attention to lakes and ponds of extraordinary beauty and the deep blue sea. Thanks to their peaceful and calm atmosphere, these lakes are worth visiting and seeing. It offers an ideal environment for visitors to get away from the busy pace of work and the city's chaos and spend pleasant hours alone with nature in a quiet and serene environment.

The lakes are the habitats of many different living species. It brings abundance and fertility to the regions where they are. It allows different activity options in their waters and shores. You can join boat and canoe tours in the lakes, go fishing, and leave yourself in the peaceful arms of nature by making picnics, camping, and nature walks around them.

How about taking a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of daily life? While resting your eyes and soul among the landscapes, you will capture unique photo frames reminiscent of postcards. The fantastic images created by the water reflecting the lush trees, the beautiful sunsets that words cannot describe, the fresh air and the sounds of birds that make you feel peaceful?