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Antalya is one of the first destinations that comes to mind for highland tourism in Turkey, offering countless activity options and holiday opportunities to visitors. While some of the guests coming to the city prefer the coasts, some go to the highlands to find peace by integrating with nature.

Due to mountainous and rough terrain, the city, which has many highlands at high altitudes, offers unique panoramic views to visitors every season of the year, covered with exquisite geographical beauties.

The highland is residence by city residents fleeing the sweltering heat in summer. It is covered with lush forests, has abundant water resources, and is home to countless plant species and animals. It also attracts nature lovers with various activities such as hiking, climbing, camping, and photography. If you are looking for a cool and oxygen-rich alternative to a sea holiday, do not forget to meet the lush green plateaus of Antalya, which contain hidden beauties.