Suluin Cave

It is in the Finike district of Antalya and is 1 km from the district center. Suluin Cave is also known as İncirli Cave or Zincirli Gök Cave.
During the dive in 1995, an underwater research team from the United States went down 122 meters deep in the cave. Two people from the team lost their lives during the dive that took place when you move inwards through the channels in the cave, whose depth reaches 83 meters. It was determined that there was a large hall with a depth of around 45 meters. The walls were covered with stalactites, travertine pools and natural formations. However, it was impossible to reach the cave's end and learn its exact boundaries and depth. Today, only professional divers and researchers are allowed to examine the cave, which was banned from entering and diving after the sad event.
Suluin Cave is one of the natural riches of the Finike district. It is the largest and deepest cave known in Europe and the largest underwater cave in the Asian Continent, with its 80-meter wide entrance estimated to fit a Concorde plane. The cave has an unforgettable atmosphere and is creepy with its stalactites, stalagmites, dripstone formations. It is a matter of curiosity for local and foreign tourists and local people with its mysterious and mysterious appearance.