Cüceler Cave

Cüceler Cave opened to tourism in 2012. It is 37 km from Antalya's Alanya district center, within the borders of Demirtaş, on the Sapadere Canyon road.
There are various rumors about the cave's name, which means 'Dwarf Cave''. According to what is told, a dwarf who lived with his family in the village of Tırılar in the 1900s and was subjected to violence by them left his house and took shelter in a cave. Knowing that he is in the cave, a shepherd informs the family. His family comes and takes the dwarf from the cave. After that event, the cave's name remains as 'Dwarf Cave'.
It is said that during the Ottoman period, the inhabitants of the region hid their goats and sheep in this cave when the authorities came to the village in order not to pay the tax collected for the small cattle they owned.
The cave is considered a natural wonder with its dripstone formations. The cave features stalactites, stalagmites and columns of various shapes that are thought to have been formed in 10 to 15 thousand years. In addition, travertines are seen in the parts where the water passes. It is thought that ground movements are also influential in shaping the cave, which was formed by the melting of limestone by rain and snow water flowing over layers rich in carbon monoxide.
The cave is reached by passing a 180-meter road in the trees. The entrance to the cave begins with a lush and eye-catching valley view that can be viewed from the observation terrace. Inside the cave, which has a karst structure of 170 meters, a walking track consists of wooden piers. It consists of 6 galleries, with narrow passages in some parts and clear illumination at almost every point. The cave drags visitors into an atmosphere independent of time and space with its wild beauty.
The cave is also known as the 'Rainbow Cave', as its stalactites and stalagmites are rich in minerals and take on different hues. Thanks to this riot of colors that those who see cannot take their eyes off, visiting the cave gives visitors a very different experience. It is said that the Cuceler Cave, which maintains a temperature of 20 degrees throughout the year, is good for asthma, just like Damlataş Cave.