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Antalya has been the settlement of many deep-rooted civilizations throughout the ages and impresses visitors with its unique geography and historical and cultural riches. It is possible to come across many canyons in the provinces and districts of Antalya because of the terrain structure, the characteristics of the rocks, and the high-flowing streams.

The canyons are natural wonders that host countless plant and animal species. It offers alternatives to those who want to be alone with nature and its rich ecosystems. You can spend hours full of excitement and adventure in the canyons, where you will be faced with fascinating landscapes. You can cool off in the icy clear waters of the canyons and increase your adrenaline level by rafting. You can test your limits and endurance with activities such as climbing, canyon safari, ATV safari tour. You can explore your surroundings more closely by walking or cycling on challenging and pleasant tracks in lush nature.

You can embark on an unforgettable journey by embracing history and nature together in naturally formed canyons, many of which are filled with archaeological remains. They are among the hidden paradises of Antalya.