Tersane Bay

Tersane Bay in the Demre district is on the west side of the Kekova Region, where every corner smells of history. The bay is the anchoring area for excursion and tour boats departing from Kaş, Demre and Üçağız, and historical artifacts on its shore and in the sea. It allows you to enjoy unique swimming in the middle of a mythological world.
In Tersane Bay, where the shipbuilding section of the Sunken City is, during the Lycian period, it is possible to notice the remains of the tower, churches, chapels and port structures built in the Hellenistic Period. When you continue by boat from the bay, you can come across the remains of artifacts from the Ancient Age, Roman and Byzantine Periods, located parallel to the land.
It draws attention to clean and clear turquoise waters. The bay can dive into the richness of the underwater and discover the colorful marine life.
It brings the past and the present together. This small and charming bay is rare, where historical and natural beauties intertwine. We strongly recommend you to see Tersane Bay, which offers magnificent panoramas, on your visit to Antalya.