Suluada is between the Adrasan coast and Taşlıkburnu in the Kumluca district of Antalya, where the Gelidonya Lighthouse is 2 km off the land. The island, which was named Krambusa in ancient times, is one of the routes that tour boats visit.
This hidden beauty is named after the freshwater spring on the island, which is good for kidney diseases. It is called the 'Maldives of Antalya' with a white sandy beach, turquoise water and an exotic appearance. It is said that the island has white sands due to the microorganisms living in sands, which contain calcium carbonate in the rock structure.
It is known that all kinds of fish in the Mediterranean ecosystem live around the island, which is uninhabited. The island has many underwater caves around it. It is also home to seals, dolphins, groupers and waterfowl.
The island has two beaches. It drags you into a different and extraordinary world with its colors, making you feel as if you are in a tropical paradise. Every year, Suluada is visited by thousands of people who want to witness this visual feast that words cannot describe.
You can reach Suluada, only accessible by sea, by boat tours departing from Olympos and Adrasan, private yacht trips and fishing boats. During your visit to Suluada, do not forget to swim in the Lovers Cave, a favorite of couples with a romantic atmosphere at the tip of the island. Take lots of photos to immortalize this exquisite beauty that you cannot come across anywhere else in Turkey!